Day 4 – First tools arrive & complete tools list for my build

Day 4 – First tools arrive & complete tools list for my build

Today my first set of tools arrived in preparation for the build of my Ford GT40 replica. I’ve never really bought tools as I am not really one for DIY so I was happy when my nice new shiny Makita LXT425 set came today.

One of the considerations I don’t think many people think about is the cost of tools and equipment you require to build a kit car. Luckily Andy from Tornado was kind enough to produce a full list of tools required to put one of his cars together. I’d advise anyone thinking of building a kit car to contact the kit supplier and get a similar list as tools can be fairly expensive and it might be a cost you may have overlooked.

For those interested in building a Tornado TS40 I’ve listed below the full list of tools you will need below.


The following is a list of tools required to complete the assembly of your Tornado TSC GT40 replica car.

  • BUILD STANDS – These are available direct from Tornado Sports Cars
  • JIGSAW – With both fine and course blades
  • ELECTRIC DRILL – With drill bits 1-10mm and hole saws in 52, 62 and 100mm dia
  • 4” ELECTRIC DISC GRINDER – With cutting , grinding and sanding discs
  • VICE FOLDER – Available from Machine Mart or use 2 lengths of Angle Iron
  • WORK BENCH – A sturdy bench is a must
  • VICE – A good quality vice and must open 4” or more
  • RIVET GUN – Hand or air operated
  • RIV- NUT GUN – With 5mm mandral
  • HAND FILE SET – Course and fine in flat and round types
  • CARTRIDGE SEALANT GUN – For polyurethane adhesive cartridges
  • ‘G’ CLAMPS – A pair of 4” clamps
  • SOCKET SET – Metric and AF sizes with ratchet and extensions
  • HAMMER – 10 or 12oz weight
  • DEAD BLOW HAMMER – For Knock on wheels only.
  • CENTRE PUNCH – For marking hole centres
  • MARKER PEN – Fine tip for marking out
  • SCRIBER – For marking out
  • BLOW TORCH – For soldering cooling pipes
  • SCREWDRIVER SET – With both flat and posi drive ends
  • ENGINE HOIST – Only needed for an hour so this can be hired from tool hire shop
  • STANLEY KNIFE – With sharp blades for carpet trimming
  • SCISSORS – A good pair suitable for cutting carpet
  • WIRE CUTTERS – For general use
  • PLIERS – For general use
  • TAPE MEASURE – 10 ft for general measuring
  • STEEL RULE – 12” for general measuring
  • DUST MASK – Use when ever cutting or trimming fibreglass bodywork
  • SAFETY GLASSES – For use with disc grinder

All of the above items are obtainable from your local DIY store or Machine Mart.

The Build Stands which support the car during the build are available direct from Tornado Sports Cars.

The riveter, drill and grinder can be air operated but a small compressor would also be required.

About the Author

Trevor Summers is a 27 year old Art Director from Warwickshire in the UK. Trevor is the creator of which he uses as a diary of his GT40 replica build