Day 1 – Tornado Kit Ordered

Day 1 – Tornado Kit Ordered
My Old Toyota Supra - I still miss her

My Old Toyota Supra - I still miss her

Well I finally took the plunge and got one step closer to owning my dream car. Nearly a year after selling my Toyota Supra and trying to find an alternative I’ve now just ordered a Tornado TS40.

It’s been a long struggle to find a replacement for my beloved Supra and after trips to Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati I somehow ended up outside the doors of Tornado Sports cars in Kidderminster. Admittedly not quite as glamorous as what Maranello finest offer in terms of a showroom but I defy anyone not to take one look at a GT40 and not instantly fall in love it.

Tornado Sports Cars Factory Visit

After arriving I met the company owner Andy Sheldon who spent a good amount of time running me through the history of his company and showing me the kits he makes. I was hugely impressed with Andy’s setup and facilities and I’d suggest anyone thinking of buying a GT40 replica to pay Andy a visit. I’d originally gone to the factory to look Red TS40 that Andy was himself selling from his growing collection of GT40’s. The car was immaculate and I doubt there are many better examples around but after sitting in the car I found that I couldn’t comfortably get my knees under the dash.

Andy's Red Tornado TS40 - Shame it wasn't a little bigger
Andy’s Red Tornado TS40 – Shame it wasn’t a little bigger

After finally clambering out of the cockpit of the car Andy explained that the way for me to go would be to build my own car as the newer chassis offer more legroom and I could modify the seating area to gain even more space. I left knowing that I had to have a GT40 but questioning my ability and determination to build my own car.

After many hours trolling through forum and talking to some other owners I sold the idea to myself and decided to place an order. I spoke to Andy to see if he’d mind me popping over again to take a look through a build manual and discuss the options for my car. 2 days later and there was a completed order form in the post with my deposit.

At this point I’d like to thank Andy and Scott from Tornado who have been very helpful so far and I doubt without having Andy there at the end of the phone I even consider building a GT40. It was the knowledge of having Tornado’s after sales support that is one of the main reasons for my purchase and choosing Tornado. I know that if things go wrong or I get stuck Andy and his team are just an hour down the road.

The Chassis and initial parts will be ready for collection by the end of December and you will be able to see a full detailed list of parts and prices in my kit section of the site which is coming soon. In the meantime you can visit Tornado Sports Cars website for full information on the TS40, options and prices.

Tornado Sports Cars

Andy Sheldon
Tel: +44 (0) 1562 820372

Scott Calabro
Tel: 413 9774408

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Trevor Summers is a 27 year old Art Director from Warwickshire in the UK. Trevor is the creator of which he uses as a diary of his GT40 replica build